Advantage and Disadvantage of Google Chrome

Why Google Chrome Only?
why google chrome?

Google Chrome is by far the most used browser in the world. With its easy interface and availability across platforms, Chrome has become the browser of choice for a large number of users. However, there are also those who can tell you ‘Why you should not use Google Chrome’ and a list of reasons that will have you thinking hard.

For instance, Chrome’s privacy policies may cause you to spend sleepless nights over tracking issues. Of course, you can prevent it all by switching to another browser like Kingpin.

So what are the pros and cons of Google Chrome?

Advantages of Chrome browser

  • High speed browsing
  • Easy, stylish interface
  • Secure
  • Wide range of extensions
  • Sync across devices
  • Customizable

Disadvantages of Chrome browser

  • Very high RAM consumption
  • Compromises user privacy as it saves all 


#1 High speed browsing

When you are online, speed is of the essence. Whether it’s work or pleasure, a slow browser can easily ruin your day. Things like toggling between tabs and downloading media or watching your favorite videos become smoother. Chrome reduces lag and rewards you with top class performance.

Few browsers compare to Chrome when it comes to speed browsing. Chrome gives tough competition to Microsoft Edge, Firefox, and even Safari. One of the reasons is its ability to translate between machine and JavaScript codes. Websites load faster and function better on Chrome as compared to other browsers.  Even when multiple tabs are active, your browsing speed remains noticeably high.

#2 Easy, stylish interface

Users find the interface incredibly easy to navigate. And that’s partly because of the browser’s minimalistic appearance. It looks clean and uncluttered. All Menu items are neatly arranged and the Settings tabs are tucked away in a corner. This makes it easy to look for different tools and functions like Site Settings, History, and Bookmarks, etc. One single bar doubles up as the search and address bars. There is no bulky button or distracting icons on the browser window. This saves time and helps users focus on the task at hand.

#3 Safety

It won’t be a stretch to say that Chrome is one of the safest browsers out there. This browser from Google is highly secure and extends this security to your system.

What does it do to protect you online?

  • Alert you to possibly malicious sites by displaying a ‘Not Secure’ warning when you try to access that site.
  • Its unique padlock sign before the URL assures you that the website is safe and properly encrypted.
  • It protects users from accidentally downloading malware on their computers.
  • It upgrades regularly with the latest security patches and bug fixes.
  • It detects and removes suspect files with its clean up tools.

With all the security breaches happening out there, Chrome is one of the safest bets with in-built security features and protocols.

#4 Wide range of extensions

Trim photos, block ads, check grammar, and do lots more with a mind boggling collection of chrome extensions. Chrome lends itself beautifully to customization and extensions make it possible to do so.

Chrome’s extension gallery is quite something. It has thousands of extensions to improve the functionality of the browser. All extensions are found under a single tab. You will also find your pop-ups here. From general extensions to specific ones that cater to artists or coders, this setting makes for an exciting browsing experience. The Chrome Web Store is the place to look for if you need any of these.

This comes from Google’s equally vast network of coders, testers, and end-users who work in tandem to make Chrome more accessible, and attractive to more and more users.

#5 Sync across devices and work across platforms

The fun doesn’t seem to end on your desktop. Chrome works its way on your phones and mobile devices. This gives you a chance to work seamlessly. Synch all your gadgets and pick up where you left off. This feature enables users to enjoy truly on-the-go browsing.

Cross-platform availability means you can access your bookmarks, mails, and the full gamut of Google Apps anywhere, anytime. Enjoy Chrome features on your Mac and Windows systems. The feature was first launched by Firefox but with Google, it reached its full potential. Add or remove things from your drive, make in-app purchases, go to favorite sites, and enjoy all features of the browser on your devices.

All in all, Chrome is pretty useful as a browser and does everything you would expect an efficient browser to do. But users do need a reality check from time to time. So what are the disadvantages of Google? Let’s look at them in some detail.


#1 Compromised user privacy

This is perhaps the most notorious aspect of the Chrome browser. Most browsers trade in user data, knowingly or unwittingly but Chrome has made an art out of it. Chrome is part of Google and it makes money off of selling user data to marketers.

User data is collected from form submissions, online purchases, and such other behaviors and the data go to a third party who then starts following you. The ads that relentlessly pursue you and cookies and cashed files that continuously flow towards you are specifically targeted towards, no matter your privacy settings.

The only way to protect your virtual privacy and to safeguard confidential data is to choose a different browser.

#2 Very high RAM consumption

One of the persistent complaints against Chrome is that it is a RAM burning machine. On a standard 8GB system, Chrome can easily use up to 1 GB to give you that blazing fast performance. While that is one of the reasons for the browser’s charm, users may need to configure their systems and frequently so. Most of its functionality depends on its use of RAM and CPU.

This is especially true for users who need several websites or tabs open at all times. To be that fast requires all the RAM the browser can muster. So it’s always a choice between speed and memory. It helps to remember that if Chrome is not getting sufficient RAM or getting too much of it, the system will be under some degree of stress.

These are the most talked about drawbacks of an otherwise popular browser.

Summing up

There is no doubt that Chrome is here for the long haul. With diverse features and an ever-increasing user pool, the browser future is looking good. However, Chrome and Google’s privacy policies are rather tricky.

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