Some business owners believe that they alone know best what is good for their companies. Even for people with great experience, it could not be farther from the truth. At all stages of new product development, companies need expert opinions and guidance from advisors, analytics, and consultants. This is especially important in the current digital era when computer technologies are essential for businesses in order to be productive, competitive, and popular. New technologies emerge extremely often, and the existing ones are constantly evolving. Only the most tenacious experts can keep up with all those changes. And such experts are the consultants you can rely on.

Why IT Consulting Is Important
Even highly successful enterprises can end up losing their dominance in the market or going bankrupt because they have failed to make proper use of digital technologies. One of the most illustrative examples of such a fall is the story of Blockbuster. In addition to bad financial decisions and unsuccessful business models, the company was too late to realize the potential of online services and make them appealing to customers.

On the other hand, Netflix turned essentially the same DVD rental business into an online empire that both distributes and produces digital content. Its success was shaped by the agile business strategy combined with the work of IT experts who advised, planned, built, and enhanced the required infrastructure. Now, thanks to timely IT consults, among other things, the annual revenue of Netflix is about 31.6 billion US dollars, and its users have convenient access to the impressive video library from their mobile devices, smart TVs, etc.

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