As a businessperson, you probably think that ownership is the best way to control something. While it may be a valid point in certain cases, the IT industry, in particular, has some other forms of non-ownership control over workers. One such form is contracting a dedicated development team to create a software product or perform other tasks. Let us take a close look at such teams and find why they are worth hiring.

What Is a Dedicated Development Team?
When a business needs to build and maintain a software application, it generally chooses one of two ways. The first one is creating and running a specialized software development department. The second way is hiring a dedicated development team. Both choices are viable under certain circumstances, which will be described in detail a little later in this article. But first, let’s define what a dedicated development team is.

The term “dedicated development team” is rather self-explanatory. It means a group of software engineers, including developers, testers, designers, and other types of specialists. This team works under a contract and dedicates its resources to perform the specified tasks within the set time period. However, the team does not become a part of your company’s staff, which offers several potential benefits that will be discussed below.

Technical specialists that make up the team are employed by a software development company. This company temporarily “leases” them to your business but remains in control of all administrative affairs. The number and types of developers in a team are chosen according to the complexity of your task, deadline, and other factors. Usually, they are set strictly, but sometimes the contract may permit their change over time. This way, the team ensures that your software meets the quality and security criteria and is delivered on time.

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