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Our Services

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Product Development

Our Services Meet Your Software Development Outsourcing Needs By Providing:

eZIMAX software product development services can accelerate your products’ timeline, enabling you to reach your target markets faster. We will provide a highly skilled team of software engineers to help turn your ideas into best software products using best technical solutions.

  • Development methods, using good practices of industry to provide better Quality and faster delivery.
  • Excellent project management and progress visibility.
  • A cost-effective offshore team to supplement your internal R&D department.
  • Efficient and transparent communication with all parties.

Application Development

eZIMAX has accumulated extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Web Applications
  • E-commerce development
  • Enterprise applications
  • Office automation/SharePoint development
  • Mobile applications

Our skilled developers can help you create applications that meet both your business needs and your schedule. We can work with your development team to complete a project, or start from the requirements analysis stage and take responsibility for the whole development cycle all the way to maintenance. Through customized application development and management, Ezimax helps organizations automate and optimize their unique business processes and achieve better integration between those processes and organizations' departments. Ezimax Technology experts work closely with customers to determine their exact software goals and offer customers a "start-to-finish" approach. We use best practices in software development and we make sure the whole development process is transparent, with frequent deliveries and reviews. Key highlights of our Application Development services To be a profitable cutting-edge IT and business solutions provider with the highest standards of quality, agile delivery and highest level of satisfaction to our Customers.

Maintenance And Support

Existing applications require ongoing attention, and it is usually necessary to make small updates and enhancements to the features. The questions each organization has to consider at some point are:

Ezimax can help to maintain your business-critical software applications and ensure that enhancements are planned and deployed as per the required release schedule. We currently work with several large companies as an extension of their in-house teams, and also perform maintenance services for various software applications that we have developed for our clients.

  • Are the necessary technical maintenance and support skills readily available?
  • Are we able to address requests from users efficiently and quickly?
  • Do the business systems need additional functionality to target new markets?
  • Can the in-house development team manage the support and maintenance workload alongside their new projects?
  • Can we do all this in a cost-efficient manner?

Software QA And Testing

In an age where systems and applications are becoming complex but essential, software testing is no more an afterthought and it's certainly not the 'less privileged' sibling of software development that it used to be, not any more. With growing population of software applications-cum-systems being utilized in ever increasing numbers to support and sustain critical, real-time business functions 24x7 across industries like banking, manufacturing, retail, and what not, a piece of written software is as good as a manner in which it's tested. Software testing is that 'last piece' of code that will ultimately help decide how well your software product, application or system meet its development objectives.

EZIMAX Testing Services Portfolio

We offers end-to-end testing services in co-ownership, managed and TaaS sourcing model using tools and methods to meet our customer’s budget, schedule and technical requirements

Our Expertise:

We provide Independent Verification and Validations Services for various industry segments which include Retail, Telecom, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Energy and Utilities, Travel, Media and Entertainment, Banking and Insurance. Our Industry offerings include and cover functional and non-functional testing in the areas of – Merchandising, POS, Loyalty, Reservations, Supply chain, Ecommerce, Data Warehousing, Mobile Application Testing, SOA, MS SharePoint, MS CRM and MS Axapta


Staff Augmentation Services

Ezimax empowers you to meet your staffing demands. We assure you the availability of the resources with the right skills and experience to meet your technical and business requirements. Our candidates supply a rich, diverse knowledge of technology & business experience and are ready to adapt to any working environment.

Obtaining high skilled software professionals who can deliver quality application development and management with minimal training under the company's is a challenge facing businesses around the world. Staff augmentation will help you manage projects by deploying temporary high skilled workforce. This leads to better staff management implying enhanced productivity and cost savings.

Business needs addressed:

  • Avoid expenses of enrolling high skilled employees for supporting non-core business processes
  • Build team, manage, and direct a project like with an internal team, without needing to invest and hunt for the specialized skills
  • Effectively engage qualified and specialized resources for projects which require additional resources or expertise on long-term or short-term basis

Features and benefits:

  • Business focus: Client can focus more on business objectives and requirements instead of software engineering tasks.
  • Dedicated expert developers or team: Avail dedicated ColdFusion developers, .NET Developers, PHP Developers, Android Developers, iPhone Developers, SharePoint Developers etc
  • Build a team in India: Avail the cost savings, expertise, and economy of working with a team in India
  • Scalability with ease: Enable organizations scale up or down depending on their workflow, helping you to maximize your resources and leverage opportunities
  • Faster Turnaround time for support as well development: Working across globe will help in better turnaround by utilizing 24x5 or night shift


Strategies that drive strategic advantage

If you’re not surging ahead, you’re falling behind your competitors. Markets change; customer demand changes; competitors’ strategies change. You must continuously revise your strategies and re-optimize your resources to gain and defend competitive advantage. Ezimax Strategic Services consultants can point the way forward because they have been executives themselves, facing the same challenges. They can quickly assess opportunities to improve business operations with rapid time-to-value. Examples of high-impact services include:

  • Strategic opportunity assessments
  • Business diagnostics
  • Network, inventory, forecasting and productivity optimization assessments
  • Solution impact assessments

Let our executive consultants jump-start your executive strategies today.

Process Consulting

With changing trends in the market, new technologies and business innovation; current CIOs are viewed as Business enabler and not any more as an internal service provider. CIOs are facing multifaceted challenges to deliver value to the business with optimum cost without compromising quality. The common thread here is “immature process” which is the cause for inefficiencies and ineffectiveness. It is leading to duplication of work, inconsistency, lack of common goal, inability to scale up, silo focus, lack of measurement and improvement and many more.

  1. Our services portfolio focuses on delivering solutions targeted at enhancing productivity, improved service and project delivery, cost optimization,
  2. Alignment with industry recognized frameworks/standards using process solutions.
  3. To alleviate the business challenges encountered by industry majors in the global scenario,
  4. We offer specialized solutions in the areas of IT Service Management (ITSM),
  5. Software Quality Assurance, IT Governance and Process Optimization
  6. Ezimax IT process Consulting offer key solutions thrives to provide overall improvement across both business and IT domain.
  7. Business Service Excellence focus on improving the current business processes through implementing optimization initiatives through Lean methodologies while the IT Service Excellence services focuses more intrinsic on how to improve effectiveness of IT Deliveries subscribe to a number of industry best practices and models such as ITIL, PMO, CMMI, VMO and Agile and other frameworks.

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